Aspen History: ‘Little Skier’s Big Day’ |

Aspen History: ‘Little Skier’s Big Day’

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One b/w photograph of Susie Wirth and Fred Iselin, in "Little Skier's Big Day". Susie has skis on, and there is a crowd of people behind them.

“Aspen-made ski film to be released soon,” declared The Aspen Times on Oct. 18, 1956. “We saw something new in the ski film line last week when we attended a press preview of the 20-minute color film ‘Little Skier’s Big Day.’ Produced by Fred Iselin, co-director of the Aspen Ski School, and photographed by Aspen’s Bob Murri, the film stars five-year-old Susie Wirth. Also featured are French stunt skier Jean Tournier and Iselin. Narration was written by Garth Williams, of Aspen, and was recorded by his small daughter Jessica to be Susie’s voice. Original background music was written by Joe Marsala and arranged by Jim Peterson. The story line is in the form of an episodic narrative, seen through the eyes of a five-year-old Susie, and covers one day in her eventful life. In the film, as in life Susie lives at the Sundeck restaurant, which is run by her father. The film follows her as she skis down the mountain to school in the town below, then plays hooky to watch a winter carnival and ski with her two friends Fred and Jean.” This above shows Susie Wirth getting direction from Fred Iselin during the filming of the movie, 1955.