Libations: The devil or the diet |

Libations: The devil or the diet

It’s a new decade — and possibly a new you. Now is the time to reapply yourself at the gym, buy vegetables and actually eat them, only drink on the weekends or whatever self-improvement you have planned for 2020. Or, you could bring in the New Year the same way you left it: drunk.

Yes, I chug La Croix, too, but the difference is I do that to stave off a blackout or pick up my hungover soul, not make my diet palatable. Using bubbly water as a crutch for your vice is like when your Peloton eventually becomes a coat rack.

Go ahead, do your cleanse and your calisthenics for approximately a week. I’ll see you at Zane’s drunk at 3:30 on a weekday before MLK Day. The only way to live in Aspen is unhealthily inebriated at odd times like the tourists.

So, here’s your gateway cocktail to passing out on a ski trail: A Bloody Mary. A friend recently Instagramed my morning drink of choice and called it “famous.” I’m just trying to save some money because I blew my holiday tips on New Year’s Eve, bouncing around paying covers at bars I refuse to go to when they’re free. There’s enough citrus in this to cure scurvy (but not VD, so you might want to drop by AVH for that), and enough booze to reuse the alcohol still in your system like a hit of resin.

And technically it has been called famous, so from my — and a dozen local New York Giants fans’ — bar to yours, here’s a hangover cure and a little help to kick that resolution off the wagon.