Libations: Little Mammoth’s twist on Tiramisu |

Libations: Little Mammoth’s twist on Tiramisu

My mother is coming to town in a few weeks, and it will be one of her first winter visits in probably more than a decade. She’s a Detroit girl, so she’s had her fill of the cold months and lives in warmer climates now.

So in my prep for her visit, I’ve been trying to hit some of the Snowmass establishments that I haven’t been into since moving to the Village two years ago.

Mom still entertains a drink, but she’s not a drinker, so that’s not a big thing. But she does appreciate a good dessert and a cup of coffee. To wit, a recent stop at the Little Mammoth Steakhouse on the upper floor of the Snowmass Mall proved fruitful for all three.

With a cocktail menu that included a hickory smoke-infused old fashioned starring Woody Creek rye and a couple of nice options for margaritas, what grabbed my attention on the mom radar was the Tiramisu Martini. Intriguing and has the words “chocolate” and “Kahlua” in there.

From the Hersey’s syrup drizzled inside the martini glass to the nice cream foam on the top, the drink is a smooth, flavorful and pretty close to a perfect dessert drink.

A photo of a Tennessee state representative went viral earlier this month when he was shown using a Hersey chocolate syrup bottle as a water bottle because he “recycles everything.” I too have drank straight out of a Hersey’s chocolate syrup bottle, and usually it includes an almond milk chaser (yes, also straight out of the carton — sorry, Mom), but it was in the 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. range.

Watching Jose put together the cocktails behind the small but comfortable Little Mammoth bar with a nice low-key vibe was as relaxing as sipping on the drink.

Before drizzling the inside of the glass with that sweet syrup, in the shaker Jose started with Absolute vanilla vodka and added our old coffee-booster friends Kahlua and Bailey’s Irish Cream. Those are such enjoyable liqueurs with coffee on their own, so as a group it was quiet the party.

With a fresh shot of espresso and then a bit more regular cream, the drink really came together. Something I will for sure be ordering again after a steak or just as an entree or a dessert.

The only problem with this drink is that it’s served in a martini glass — it should be served in a double-wide coffee mug.

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