Libations: Jalisco Fields makes for refreshing stop at Clark’s Oyster Bar |

Libations: Jalisco Fields makes for refreshing stop at Clark’s Oyster Bar

After one of those bonus ski days the past few weekends, a group of us stopped by Clark’s Oyster Bar to give it a whirl. Coming up on one year operating in the former Little Annie’s place, we thought it was time to make a stop at the “other” Clark’s (i.e. not the grocery).

As we settled in at the bar, we threw a few questions at the barkeeper as we perused the cocktail menu. What caught our eyes was one of the ingredients in the tequila-based drink known as Jalisco Fields (I’ll get back to that in a minute).

Part of the drink’s concoction is Velvet falernum. The sweet liqueur gives the drink a slight almond flavor.

When we asked about the liqueur, we seemed so intrigued by the description that the bartender gave us a small shot to pass around, mainly to smell its aroma.

The Caribbean cocktail ingredient is often paired with rum and found in many tiki drinks (which is why most of our group hadn’t heard of it). But the low-alcohol liqueur goes well with just ginger beer and lime, we were told. Makes sense, we concurred.

Now, as for the Jalisco Fields, it starts with Casamigos blanco tequila. The 100% blue agave tequila came onto the scene in 2013 from a group of creators including actor George Clooney.

Along with falernum, the drink gets into the summer mode with apricot, fresh lime and a few dashes of orange bitters.

“Sometimes, the apricot scares away a few people,” our server said. “But it’s a really refreshing and different addition.”

The tequila is smooth and certainly does not overwhelm the drink. In fact, a couple of people in our quintet went with “well-balanced” after taking their sip on the Jalisco Fields, which was garnished with an orange wedge.

Clark’s has been holding strong after taking over a well-loved locals’ hang out, and they seem to be doing a solid job coming into their second summer.

While this drink’s name honors the region in Mexico where many agave fields are planted, there are also a few on the menu that tap into Aspen history, including the Smuggler’s Mai Tai and the Punchbowl Smash.

The Texas-based establishment continues to earn its Aspen wings.