Libations: Jackrabbit can bring some spring to the offseason |

Libations: Jackrabbit can bring some spring to the offseason

by David Krause
The "Jackrabbit" is a nice way to get ready for summer with a mix of tequila, freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and a few other surprises at Aspen's White House Tavern.
David Krause / The Aspen Times

It’s certainly not winter any longer but not yet full-on summer — so what’s a good way to jump start the warmer months? With a Jackrabbit.

The concoction at the White House Tavern is a great alternative to their signature margarita with a lot more hints of summer than winter.

While it could take you down a rabbit hole of afternoon drinking at their outside patio or inside at the cozy, but not-offseason-crowded bar, the Jackrabbit ($15) has its start with Tres Generaciones Reposado tequila. The tequila, which comes from three generations of the Sauza family, is tripled-distilled reposado and made from agave aged up to eight years in the “lowlands of Jalisco.”

From there, the Jackrabbit is about freshness in the drink: fresh-squeezed ruby red grapefruit and their homemade, made-daily sour mix.

Added in is a bit of Campari, a bitters liqueur, to help balance out the sweetness.

But the kick is the fresh sprig of mint added on top, not muddled. The mint gives a great, spring-like aroma with each sip to the bottom of the glass.

And like many grapefruit cocktails, it is dangerously delicious on a warm morning, afternoon or evening.