Libations: A simple staple |

Libations: A simple staple

I don’t drink a lot of fancy cocktails. At a recent holiday party for The Aspen Times, we were treated to high-end cocktails at Bad Harriet. I had one specialty drink — The Duke — before I realized we didn’t have to order from the drink menu.

While mezcal-based drink was tasty, I switched to Campari and soda before finishing off with a personal favorite, the old fashioned. Ideally, I would’ve used that opportunity for this piece but there’s an unwritten rule about working at a work party that I just made up.

So, check out Bad Harriet if you like drinks garnished with a mini pastrami sandwich. Having said that, here’s the drink I make/enjoy the most that doesn’t take any real bartending skills — unless you like shaving fruit, then feel free.

Old Fashioned

• 2 ounces of bourbon

• 2 tsp sugar (I use sugar in the raw)

• A dash of Angostura bitters

• A splash of soda

• Cherry and/or orange peel

1. Add sugar, bitters and soda to glass and muddle sugar until it’s grinded fully. Technically, you could use simple syrup instead of sugar and soda but I don’t have the patience to make it, plus it throws off my sugar ratio.

2. Add bourbon and a few ice cubes. One big sphere, four solid cubes or a half dozen ice machine cubes will do. Stir.

3. Garnish with a cherry. I prefer the dope Italian cherries but am not below regular maraschino because $25 for cherries is a lot for a jar of cherries. If you don’t like cherries and have the means to shave a peel of orange, you can do that, too.

4. Suck that baby down before or after dinner or during a rerun of “Mad Men.”

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