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A little Locals perspective on indulging in Aspen

When I moonlight as a front desk attendant during peak seasons, one of the hardest questions I get is “Where should we eat/drink?” It’s hard because, in order to give recommendations, you have to, you know, actually experience restaurants and bars.

I have like a three-bar rotation I frequent when I go out, which is rare. When I do go visit trendy bars for PhD cocktails, I often stick to beer because I can’t afford a neat pour of whiskey good enough to be poured neat or want a $15 rosemary hibiscus margarita or a boysenberry oleander old fashioned.

I don’t want a show or a candied garnish. If I wanted a libation that’s insanely sweet and messes up my stomach, I’ll drink syzzurp with extra Jolly Ranchers. Just give me a lime so my budget Tecates don’t taste too much like dysentery.

If you really want to know where locals go to drink, it’s usually at home on the couch. If you want to know where they get their booze, look no further than Local Spirits, where they actually do know my name.

For the price of half a designer drink, you can get a six-pack of Tecate and a lime. They even have a rewards system that allows you to save up to purchase that top shelf bottle — if you’re able to avoid using your credit on single Session tall boys when drinking money is tight.

I mean if you’re really on a budget, take $10, get a six-pack and then go grab a hotdog from the gas station next door. (Don’t knock things connected to gas stations. Oklahoma Joe’s, now Joe’s Kansas City BBQ, was some of the best ribs I’ve ever had and the line wrapped around the gas station.)

Also, because technically this is a tourist town and they can’t venture anywhere without affirmation from Yelp, a Google review or a random off the street, Locals has the best prices in town and they carry Veuve. Grab a bottle and stick it in your mini fridge because I know how much that room service bubbly costs — and it’s not from experience. ​