From the Vault: Let it snow!

One b/w glossy photograph of two horse-drawn carriages on the mall, 1986-. It is winter, and there is snow on the ground. The street lamps have holiday decorations on them, and the horses are both covered by blankets.

“How much snow is too much? How much snow did we get?” queried the Aspen Times on Nov. 11, 1992. “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… Although it’s only the second week in November, the snowfall is on a record pace. Jim Markalunas, the local weather guru, said as of Nov. 10, a total of 40.5 inches of snow had fallen in the Aspen area during November — and it won’t take a whole lot more to set a new all-time record for the month. The latest snow storm dumped nearly a foot and a half of snow overnight, prompting all the Aspen public and private schools to close for the day. Also, along with the snow came the usual number of accidents, delays and cancellations — fortunately, none were serious. Markalunas said that 16 inches of snow had fallen yesterday, ‘and is still coming down.’ Combined with the storm a week ago, November is on its way to doubling the average snowfall expected for this month. The average snowfall total at this point in the season is 30 inches. With 40 inches of snow already this month, and a total of 50 inches thus far, this year is off to a good start, Markalunas said. In fact, because of the high water content of the snow, this year may be even better than last year. ‘This snow had high water content — maybe 10 percent. It’s ideal for a perfect base, as long as it doesn’t get too warm,’ said Markalunas. The average snowfall for the month of November is 21 inches, based on records kept over the past 58 years. March is traditionally the snowiest month of the year, with an average of 27 inches of snowfall. The record snowfall for the month of November came in 1983 when a whopping 55 inches of snow fell. That year, a record of 278 inches fell during the entire winter. The worst year, as far as snowfall, was back in 1953 when a total of 59 inches fell the entire year — a skier’s nightmare if there ever was one. The average snowfall for a full year is 147 inches.”

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Aspen Times Weekly

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