Aspen History: Landing gears

Aspen Historical Society
One b/w photograph of a small building with "Airport" written on roof, and a large Aspen leaf.
Meeks; Lavinia

“Runway to be improved at airport this summer,” announced The Aspen Times on June 2, 1955. “A lengthened, improved runway for the Aspen Airport and a twin-engine Cessna 310 will improve air facilities for Aspen this summer. The runway for the airport is being extended several hundred feet beyond its present length, and the trees at Owl Creek are being cut down to provide a better, safer landing approach. The strip is being graded to eliminate a rise which has been causing premature takeoffs. Also in the way of field improvement, a better drainage system is planned to ensure a firm, dry field. The Cessna, one of the few twin-engine planes in this area, is being brought by the Aspen Institute for both its use and for the convenience of the Aspen community. The plane, now being equipped with a full line of radios and safety devices, is expected to be ready by mid-June.”

Aspen Times Weekly

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