Know Your Liftie: Tara Toy

Tara Toy working at the Silver Queen Gondola at Aspen Mountain
Rose Laudicina/Aspen Times Weekly

Who are the people who stand outside all day making sure the lifts are running and where do they come from? In this new wintertime series, each week we will be introducing you to a liftie that works on one of Aspen Skiing Co.’s four mountains.

Name: Tara Toy

Hometown: Alameda, California

Lift location: Silver Queen Gondola, Aspen Mountain

How long have you been in Aspen? About three weeks.

What brought you to Aspen? I’ve never really gone outside of California, so I decided I’d go somewhere for a bit, but long enough to settle down and have a community.

How did you pick Aspen? I applied to jobs in a bunch of different states and Aspen just kind of seemed like the best fit for me.

What has surprised you about Aspen so far? I love the small-town feeling. I think that’s just what’s surprised me the most and has been the most pleasant, because I’ve already seen plenty of faces from just being here for a couple weeks. I really, really like that.

How do you stay warm working outside? How do I stay warm? I don’t. Well, the thing is I was Californa-coast born, raised and maintained, so that’s also why I came here. I’m not good at the cold so if I put myself in this environment I will have to adapt; so layers, and gloves and handwarmers.

Will the gondola always be your assigned lift? I actually don’t know how to ski or snowboard so I’m here to learn — that’s also what brought me here is I want to learn — so for now I’m going to be at the gondola and then hopefully I’ll learn how to get down the mountain without downloading and then I’ll be at other spots on the mountain.

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