Aspen History: Inventing Goggles |

Aspen History: Inventing Goggles

Aspen Historical Society

“Obermeyer introduces new goggle,” announced The Aspen Times on Sept. 25, 1969. “Sealed double lenses, a special chemical, and a unique design are what makes Smith ski goggles ‘non-fog’ according to Dr. Robert E. Smith, here supervising the manufacture of the item for Sport Obermeyer. Smith, an orthodontist from Marin County, California, said that he worked on the goggles for over five years and distributed 600 of them on an experimental basis last year. ‘Acceptance,’ said Smith, ‘was great. Ski shops had lists of people who wanted them.’ Designed as a storm goggle, for wet and blowing snow, they have yellow double-lenses and are made to fit all sizes comfortably. Spaced away from the face, the atmosphere between the face and the sealed plastic lens is controlled by a porous foam substance around the edges. A chemical no-fog is rubbed on the lenses before use. Smith noted that they are also designed to make room for regular glasses underneath. They will be distributed by Obermeyer throughout the United States and will appear on the market in about a month.” This image (by Byard Pidgeon) ran with the article, and is captioned “Dr. Smith demonstrates his goggle invention, which he guarantees as completely fog proof.”