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History: Spring Cleaning in 1950

Aspen Historical Society
One 2.25" x 2.25" b/w negative of an award-winning flower garden in the West End, 1955. Sweet peas

“Clean up time is here for yards,” declared The Aspen Times on April 20, 1950. “Aspen has eye-appeal — or will have — spring is here and civic-minded and proud Aspenites are busy spring cleaning their yards and gardens which is transforming Aspen into something spic and span. Some of Aspen’s citizens are doing an outstanding job in helping to make the city more attractive. Donald Kirby, owner of the Alpen Fad Shop, undertook the project of transforming the entire vacant lot next to his shop and the Isis Theater into a garden, and for weeks has busily been spading and planting — an example of how a cluttered, unattractive vacant lot can be made beautiful and something everyone will be proud of. Whip Jones recently purchased the corner lot on Main Street and Center and has been planting flowers and shrubs this week that will contribute to Aspen’s eye appeal — to visitors and natives alike. Many other Aspenites are doing a good clean-up job to improve their own back yards — let’s all pitch in — it makes a difference!” This image shows an Aspen flower garden, circa 1955.

This photo and more can be found in the Aspen Historical Society archives at aspenhistory.org.

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