Libations: History and beer make the perfect pairing |

Libations: History and beer make the perfect pairing

Rose Anna Laudicina

On tap this weekend at Buckhorn Cabin is a cabin party unlike many others: it’s a chance to relax, crack open a beer, soak up the view and learn about the history of Mount Hayden and the Roaring Fork Valley’s first “ski resort.”

Offered twice a season (the previous one this winter was called “Highest, Fastest, Longest: Lift One” and was held at the Hotel Jerome), the Aspen Historical Society’s History on Tap programs, in partnership with Aspen Brewing Co., are a fun, interactive way to share the storied history of the Roaring Fork Valley.

“The tagline is pairing history and beer,” said Eliza Burlingame, marketing director for the Aspen Historical Society.

“Our history is so exciting to begin with … and we’ve found that we just kind of pick stories that are fun to tell and locations that are fun to tell them and when you offer beer it makes everything more exciting,” she said about the History on Tap events.

Saturday’s event at Buckhorn Cabin, held from 1:30 to 3 p.m., isn’t just a history presentation, it’s an immersive experience.

Historian and actor Mike Monroney will do a character performance of Billy Fiske, who along with Ted Ryan and Tom Flynn came up with a plan for a lift system and ski resort in the Castle Creek Valley, telling the tale in Fiske’s “own words” of his plans and partnerships to bring skiing to the Mount Hayden and Ashcroft area. Even though Fiske’s plans did not come to fruition — they were ultimately abandoned due to the start of World War II — his ideas helped influence the development of the sport in Aspen, according to the Aspen Hisorical Society.

Monroney’s performance, coupled with view of the Castle Creek Valley and Hayden Peak from Buckhorn and a cold beer from Aspen Brewing Co., helps bring the history to life.

Due to the space constraints of the on-mountain location, the event is limited to 40 people, so make sure to grab your tickets in advance (all tickets include a beer) for $10 if you want to cheers to Aspen’s history, or you can try your luck with buying them day-of “at the door” for $15 (cash only).

Libations was created by beloved Aspen Times publisher Gunilla Asher, who died June 2, 2014, after a brave battle with cancer. Cheers — to Gunner!

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