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High Country: The Official High Country Summer Gear Guide

Ah, summer in Aspen. From fresh alpine air to trees glimmering green to rivers running wild, there’s no greater place to get lifted than the great outdoors. Cannabis has long been a conduit between further connecting the mind, body and spirit to nature, but for a lot of visitors, it’s an entirely new experience.

Whether you’re looking for a mental boost, managing sore muscles or upgrading your supply kit, here’s the rundown of the best products for heading out on adventures in high country this season:

PSA: U.S. Forest Service officials announced last week they are immediately moving to Stage II fire restrictions in the White River National Forest, which includes no smoking of any kind outdoors. May I suggest swapping out the smoking when hiking or camping with a vaporizer or edibles? And always be mindful of local laws, your fellow citizens and the environment when you’re out and about.

1. Apothecanna Bug & Bite Insect Spray, $26

Just say no to bugs the all-natural way with this 2-in-1 spray made with citronella, tea tree, eucalyptus and cannabis. The potent and pleasantly fragrant formula repels bugs while relieving itching, swelling and redness from pre-existing bites.

Shop: Silverpeak or apothecanna.com

2. Mister Green Bong Water Bottle, $23

This authentic Nalgene bottle will clearly spark up a conversation when at the gym or out on the trail.

Shop: green-mister.com

3. Stratos Energy Tablets, $20

One of the best in smokeless product launches over the past year, these 10mg tablets will give you an all-natural boost for any adventure. Taken in traditional pill form and formulated solely with cannabis oil extracted from sativa strains, expect a clear-headed, mental high without the crash commonly experienced from supplements using caffeine or B-12.

Shop: Native Roots or stratosthc.com

4. Zeal Optics Windsor, $149

Fun fact: Boulder-based Zeal Optics uses plant-based materials in 100 percent of its active sunglass frames—the only company in the world to do so. This Italian-made style is handcrafted from castor bean and not petroleum, so they’re not only fashion-forward, but also biodegradable.

Shop: zealoptics.com

5. Green Jay Single Carrier, $12.99

The minimalist’s supply kit always has one of these high-grade aluminum tubes in black, white or rose gold in it. They’re airtight, waterproof and completely discreet and have a cap designed to secure the tip of a pre-roll, which keeps it in place while you play.

Shop: green-jay.com

6. Love’s Oven S’mores Brownies, $30

Add these little 10mg dosed bites to your circle around the camp. They come loaded with chocolate chips, topped with graham cracker crumbs and, of course, toasted mini-marshmallows.

Shop: Green Dragon or choosethelove.com

7. Toker Poker, $7.95

This lighter holder (fits any standard-sized Bic) does it all and keeps it in one easy-to-access place. The pop-out poker and tamper are attached to a durable plastic shell, designed to wrap HempWick around (Wick and lighter not included).

Shop: tokerpoker.com

8. Chiefton Supply Patch 5-Panel Strapback, $34.99

Don a new lid this season from this Denver-based hip, hemp clothier—complete with a “joint caddy” on the side. Shop: chieftonsupply.com

9. Stashlogix Silverton, $59 Founded by a family man in Boulder, Stashlogix was developed to keep your smoking supplies private, secure and safe. The case has a combination lock and features padded dividers with plastic jars, labeling marker, pad for strain notes and an odor-absorbing pack. Go for the Silverton, the perfect size to throw in your pack. Shop: stashlogix.com

10. Puffingtons Pitch & Puff, $15

Puffingtons Golf is leading the charge in the “cannagolf” game, and its combo pack that holds a golf tee-shaped one-hitter and golf ball stash container is the only thing you’ll need in your bag to light up on the links. #FORE20! Shop: pitchnpuff.com

11. King Palm Mini Rolls, $7

Smoking a plant out of another plant is as good (and clean) as it gets. Handmade from the leaves of the Cordia family of flowering trees found in Singapore’s rainforests, King Palm wraps contain zero glue and provide for a slow burning experience with a sturdy corn-husk filter tip

Shop: Best Day Ever or kingpalm.com

12. Hempz Yuzu & Starfruit Daily Herbal Moisturizing Dry Oil Body Spray, $20

The sun is always harsher at altitude, so say hello to your new summer SPF. This broad-spectrum SPF 30 is infused with pure natural hemp seed oil and Hempz’s signature fruit complex to both protect and hydrate your skin. Shop: hempz.com

13. Patagonia Hemp Baggies, $39

Upgrade this Patagonia classic summer staple in the new plant-based version made with 55 percent hemp blended with organic cotton.

Shop: Ute Mountaineer or patagonia.com

14. Magic Flight Launch Box, $119 & Finishing Grinder, $25

Handmade in San Diego, this classic portable vaporizer is an inspired and effective piece that still holds up against so many new tech-heavy devices. The carved inscription on the back, “Love is that which enables choice. Love is always stronger than fear. Always choose on the basis of love,” holds an even deeper meaning when you’re getting one with nature. Add a matching grinder in maple wood for even easier on-the-go sessions.

Shop: magic-flight.com

15. Coda Signature Active Extra Strength Muscle Salve, $40

Formulated with 200mg of THC and 200 mg CBD, apply this emollient-rich, pine-scented topical where it hurts before, during or after every activity. Cayenne and menthol deliver an instant-cooling sensation to help beat the heat.

Shop: Best Day Ever or codasignature.com

All photos courtesy of brands.

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