Gunner’s Libations: Tequila time |

Gunner’s Libations: Tequila time

The "Ginger Daisy" at Jimmy's Bodega.
Erica Robbie/The Aspen Times |

I hope your Monday packed a punch – or at the least, came and went with a little extra zest this week – in honor of an important U.S. holiday.

If you missed the memo that Monday marked National Tequila Day, that’s OK, so did I.

While I could take credit for being extra on top of my social media holidays and thus planning this column accordingly, the truth is, I hadn’t a clue until I Googled “tequila” — my choice of poison for this week’s Libations — while writing this.

Call it fate; call it a highly uninteresting coincidence.

I selected a tequila-based concoction for my first Gunner’s Libations in honor of column creator, Gunilla Asher.

Though our paths never crossed at The Aspen Times, I am told two truths about our late legendary publisher: One, she loved to ride her motorcycle; two, tequila was her preferred choice of beverage.

So, I figured what better way to celebrate Gunilla in a column dedicated to her than by drinking tequila with a fellow Times employee?

The scene of the crime was Jimmy’s Bodega on Friday night.

(For all you Aspenites, who, like my colleague, cannot bother to learn the names of “new” places in town, it’s the old home to Pacifica).

Unlike its sister steakhouse, the quaint, bright blue-painted Jimmy’s Bodega offers a cool, coastal theme with a menu to match.

Upon first glance at the cocktail menu, none of the tequila drinks struck my fancy.

As a disclaimer, I am not a fan of extra sugary, sweet cocktails. Aside from the syrupy flavors disagreeing with my palette, each sip tastes more and more like the next day’s hangover.

When the bartender asked for my order, I told him I’d need a minute, to which he asked what I am seeking, and I explained this hard-hitting assignment.

Without hesitation, Scott Mason collected and muddled together fresh basil, ginger and grapefruit mixed with lime juice, El Tesoro blanco tequila and a bar spoon of the French liqueur Chartreuse.

The result, which Scott dubbed the “Ginger Daisy,” was extremely refreshing and not too sweet. Perfect for summer sipping.

While it isn’t on the menu, if you spot Scott mixing drinks behind the bar at Bodega, he welcomes you to order the Ginger Daisy.

Cheers to you, Gunilla, and our fellow tequila appreciators out there.

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