Gunner’s Libations: Jalisco Havoc |

Gunner’s Libations: Jalisco Havoc

by Rose Laudicina
The Aspen Times

Every hour can be cocktail hour, or at least that’s the message Patrón Tequila was pedaling at the 36th annual Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

Patrón’s offerings at Food & Wine, especially the popsicles and good-sized drinks offered at the Grand Tasting tent, are always a hit and this year was no exception. With a tropical Tiki theme, Patrón was mixing up delicious, fruity drinks at the Classic that were perfect for celebrating the start of the summer season in Aspen.

The Aspen Times was able to spend a bit of time with the Patrón mixology team one afternoon and they taught us how to make one of the libations they were serving up at the Classic: the Jalisco Havoc.

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