Gunner’s Libations: Gin can have two friends

by David Krause

There is a local gin that caught my attention about a year ago. Made on the other side of McClure Pass at Jack Rabbit Hill Farm near Hotchkiss, CapRock gin is certified organic and certifiably awesome.

If you’re a traditional gin and tonic (or Tanqueray and tonic so you can sound cool when you order a TNT) with a lime fan, here’s a twist from a couple bartenders at Bosq: try tonic syrup and quality mineral water. Cuts down the sugar in tonic water (nearly as much as a can of regular Coke) and more bite for boring club soda … and you get to feel the CapRock.

Oh, and help out the lime with some citrus friends.

After a long day last week, I stopped for a late-night TNT before the bus ride home. I was pleased to see the CapRock, and Kelly behind the bar further defused the TNT with a lemon slices (baby steps). A return trip a few days later and Steve at the controls, it amped up with the full citrus reunion and a bit of syrup (a nice mix of botanicals and real cane sugar under the quinine base).

Something so simple yet eluded my mind all these years — even with all those times I gave my brother a hard time for mixing real Coke with Diet Coke.