Gunner’s Libation: Portillo Pisco Sour |

Gunner’s Libation: Portillo Pisco Sour

by Jeanne McGovern


Serves 6

3 parts Pisco

1 part sugar syrup

1 part key lime juice


Combine Pisco and key lime juice in a blender. Mix well. Add the sugar syrup and continue mixing. Add the ice and blend 4 minutes longer. Serve immediately.

Back when the World Cup Finals were in Aspen in March, I got this great recipe for a Portillo Pisco Sour. The hook: The concept for the World Cup was created in the Portillo bar during the 1966 World Championships; the Pisco Sour is the Portillo bar specialty. And while the races have come and gone — it’s summer, finally! — the recipe resurfaced this week. The hook: Ski Portillo opens Saturday, June 24 — the Chilean ski area received feet of snow recently. Hard to imagine on these glorious summer days, but some folks are out there making turns. Cheers to them!

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