Gunner’s Libation: Peach Bellini |

Gunner’s Libation: Peach Bellini

by Jeanne McGovern
Italian Bellini alcoholic cocktail with peach
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2 ounces peach juice, puree, or nectar

4 ounces prosecco or Champagne

Pour the peach juice into a Champagne flute. Slowly top with sparkling wine. Want it stronger? Add a shot of peach schnapps or splash of Aperol into your glass.

It’s over. Well, probably not completely and totally over, but Election Day 2016 has come and gone. To me, this is reason enough to celebrate (though I also hope I’m celebrating the election of a certain few candidates at the national, state and local levels). And while a nice glass of bubbly would be fine for the occasion, I am thinking this drawn-out campaign and its ultimate conclusions calls for something with a bit more flair, sort of like the state of politics these days. With that in mind, I’m going make my toasts with a Peach Bellini, and I’m going to add some punch to my prosecco-peach puree libations with a splash of Aperol (if you’re a peach super-fan, though, you might try a shot of peach schnapps to up the ante). And then I’m going to sit back, watch the aftermath, and likely turn to something even stronger. Stay tuned …

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