Gunner’s Libation: Juiced Up

by Jeanne McGovern


What’s in the Ginger Green? Jus makes it with kale, cucumber, celery, romaine, spinach, parsley, green apple, ginger and lemon. And the Charcoal Lemonade? Alkaline Water, lemon, activated charcoal and wildflower honey. Learn more at

Well, after a three-night girls’ trip to Vegas, it’s hard to think about cocktailing. But a little detox period does not mean one does not drink; in fact, quite the opposite … you drink, but just less the alcohol. This is a week to hydrate, my friends. And a go-to for me is a cold-pressed juice from Jus. Tucked away in the Ute Building, this local juice bar serves up just what you need to feel refereshed, rejuvenated and ready to get back in the game. A few faves: Ginger Greens, Spicy Greens, Charcoal Lemonade and the Beet Berry Martini. And, speaking of martinis, a few favorite libations straight from Sin City will appear in future columns, so stay tuned.

Aspen Times Weekly

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