Gunner’s Libation: Instant après |

Gunner’s Libation: Instant après

by Amanda Rae
Make use of that free hot chocolate in the afternoons with a mini bottle of booze. You can thank the OG ski bums for that tip.
Amanda Rae |


1 free cup hot chocolate

Mini bottle of booze, your choice

Graciously accept free cup of hot chocolate from Aspen Snowmass Community Ambassador (in partnership with Audi). Dump in booze. Smile, and recycle bottle. Drink in the envy of fellow hot chocolate imbibers. Cheers!

What’s better than a free cup of hot chocolate, poured by Aspen Snowmass Community Ambassadors stationed at the bottom of the gondola stairs daily at 3 p.m.? A free cup of hot chocolate spiked with a miniature bottle of booze, which you’ve had the foresight to tuck into your jacket pocket before hitting the hill. I call it the Instant Après, inspired by OG ski bums of yore who most certainly did not blow Benjamins on bottles of bubbles after the sun dipped behind Shadow Mountain. Swing by your neighborhood liquor shop or raid the hotel room minibar in the morning, then save your score for later. You’ll be happy you did while wandering the mean streets of Aspen in search of official après-ski …

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