Gunner’s Libation: Furry Antler |

Gunner’s Libation: Furry Antler

by Jeanne McGovern
pouring mojito cocktail served in glass with ice, mint and slices of lime.
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1 1/2 oz. of Patron Silver

Domaine Canton Ginger Liqueur

2 Thin slices of jalapeno (no seeds)

Mint leaves (smacked, not muddled)

Ginger beer

Honeydew melon slice

Wedge of lime

In a tall glass muddle jalapeno and add mint. Add tequila and ginger liqueur, shake and strained over ice in a high ball glass then top with ginger beer. Garnished with honeydew melon slice and a wedge of lime.

A while back, when I drank cocktails but did not ever write about them, I was at a media junket celebrating the latest Warren Miller ski flick. The bar was serving up what was purported to be Miller-esque apres-ski cocktail, if I recall correctly. The name, which I do recall — because I wrote it down, as well as the recipe (sensing someday I might write about cocktails, perhaps?) — was the Furry Antler. And I loved it. Now, with Miller’s recent passing, I dug up that long-lost recipe and re-created it at home. It was still as good as I remembered; in fact, even better, as tequila cocktails and anything made with ginger beer have become my go-tos. Thanks, Warren Miller, for a life well-lived and passions well-shared.