Gunner’s LIBATION: El Presidente |

Gunner’s LIBATION: El Presidente

by Jeanne McGovern
martin with lemon before a window in bar
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Growing up, my parents weren’t necessarily foodies or big drinkers. But our family “library” did include a relatively wide selection of books on food, wine and spirits — I guess it’s just what people collected back then (before the advent of the Internet). One such book was “The Savoy Cocktail Book” by Harry Craddock. Published in 1930, I’d say it’s now a collector’s item; I have a copy. Flipping through the pages recently, and thinking about an upcoming four-day escape to the Front Range for President’s Weekend, I was intrigued by the El Presidente. The color caught my eye first, and then the mix of liqours. And while Craddock’s recipe doesn’t call for it, I think adding a sugar rim and orange garnish would make it the perfect modern to toast to the holiday weekend (not necessarily the current President, however).

Libations was created by beloved Aspen Times publisher Gunilla Asher, who died June 2, 2014, after a brave battle with cancer. Cheers — to Gunner!