Gunner’s Libation: Desert Cooler

by Jeanne McGovern
Organic Ginger Ale Soda in a Glass with Lemon and Lime
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1⁄3 Part Cherry Brandy

2⁄3 Part Orange Juice

1 1⁄3 Parts Gin

Ginger Beer

Fill a glass with ice cubes. Add cherry brandy, orange juice and gin. Top up with ginger beer.

I’ve come to the sad realization that an offseason desert trip — or even my family’s usual end-of-school-year camp trip to Fruita — is not going to happen this year. A variety of other happenings, all of which are wonderful in their own way, have the calendar booked. But that does not mean there won’t be toasts aplenty in the coming weeks. And while many will be Champagne toasts, I am committed to carrying on a few long-standing traditions when it comes to libations. To name a few, a summer shandy after a bike ride, a crisp white wine on an outdoor patio, and a cocktail in a red solo cup near a campfire. One of my faves for the latter? The Desert Cooler. Make it your own by substituting grapefruit juice for orange juice or vodka for gin. But keep the cherry brandy and ginger beer, as that’s what sets this one apart from the usual vodka-soda-cranberry-type concoction.

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