Gunner’s Libation: Dead Man’s Mule |

Gunner’s Libation: Dead Man’s Mule

by Jeanne McGovern
Moscow Mule in a Copper Mug. This is a Vodka drink served with mint, and a garnished with a wedge of lime, The image is a cut out, isolated on a white background, and includes a clipping path.
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As readers of this column know, I love a mule. And while this particular mule — served at Elway’s in Concourse B of Denver International Airport — isn’t anything extraordinary (I do like the touch of Leopold’s absinthe), it was the name that caught my eye. Think about it: There you are, stranded at DIA, contemplating the fate of your intended vacation or how you will ultimately get home, and the “Dead Man’s Mule” jumps off the drink menu page. Are you the dead man? Is it the proverbial “man” who’s going down? Is the poor guy at the ticket counter who’s about to get the wrath because he can’t rebook your flight? I’m not sure. But the idea of a sipping on a Dead Man’s Mule while stranded at the airport makes me laugh. Apparently, I have a sick sense of humor.