Gunner’s Libation: Cheers to National Drink Days! |

Gunner’s Libation: Cheers to National Drink Days!

by Jeanne McGovern


National Harvey Wallbanger day is Nov. 8. Here’s what you need to know to celebrate: The Harvey Wallbanger is a modern classic that combines a Screwdriver with the Italian liqueur Galliano. Reportedly born in the ’50s, the cocktail was a hit in the 1970s.

1 1⁄4 oz Vodka

3 oz orange juice

1⁄2 oz Galliano L’Autentico

1 Orange slice


Add the vodka and the orange juice to a tall glass filled with ice. Stir, and float the Galliano on top. Garnish with an orange slice.

Labor Day has come and gone, so offseason is basically upon us. And with that comes our semi-annual list of drink-themed days to keep the slow months from slowing down too much. On our radar are: National Rum Punch Day on Sept. 20, National Vodka Day on Oct. 4 and National Shot Day on Nov. 8. Among the more interesting celebrations could be: International Gin and Tonic Day on Oct. 19 (where the whole world will toast this standard cocktail), followed a d ay later by National Brandied Fruit Day. And two I will definitely be partaking in: National Drink a Beer Day on Sept. 28 and National Happy Hour Day on Nov. 12. Of course there is no governing body when it comes to these “holidays,” so we suggest making up a few of your own …

Libations was created by beloved Aspen Times publisher Gunilla Asher, who died June 2, 2014, after a brave battle with cancer. Cheers — to Gunner!

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