Gunner’s Libation: #beeritforward

Jeanne McGovern
Beer samplers in small glasses individually placed in holes fashioned into a unique wooden tray. Focus is on the backlit light beers, featuring some residual effervescence.
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Here’s how to “beer it forward,” per the official American Craft Beer Week guidelines:

1) Recognize: #beeritforward

2) Discover: Use brewery finder to identify small and independent breweries near you

3) Evaluate: Review your beer options

4) Do It: Purchase beer and #beeritforward

5) Share: Let your friends know you “beered it forward”

Love beer? Love craft beer? Love your local brewery? Now is the time to say it loud and say it proud, people. Yes, it’s American Craft Beer Week (May 15-21). Presented by — the beer lovers’ website of the Brewers Association — this week celebrates the 5,300 small and independent brewers across the country “through a host of events encouraging beer enthusiasts everywhere to engage in simple acts of craft beer kindness.” This year, Craft Beer Week’s focus is on having people “beer it forward” and share a craft beer (see box). “Small, independent brewers are known for their commitment to their communities. They beer it forward year-round through grassroots initiatives and charity work that in turn have a significant impact on our local economies,” said Julia Herz, publisher of and craft beer program director at the Brewers Association. “This American Craft Beer Week, we invite the beer-loving public to embrace the theme, and find ways to ‘beer it forward’ as part of the fun.”

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