Libations: Getting into the mix with the Monkey Mixer |

Libations: Getting into the mix with the Monkey Mixer

by Rose Anna Laudicina
The Monkey Mixer
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The giant Monkey Mixer isn't the only unusual thing you might spot in and around Aspen during the 2019 Food & Wine Classic. Here are two other noteworthy things to seek out this weekend:

Sailor Jerry Van

Hot on the heels of its new Savage Apple release, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum is bringing their tricked-out Sailor Jerry van. Anthony Bohlinger from Sailor Jerry will be driving the van into town on Friday, June 14, and it will be in town until Monday, June 17. The van is open to anyone 21 and older to hop in for a tasting, but you're going to have to keep your eye out for it, since it has no set location for where it will be hanging out except for at the Wine at the Mine party (invite only) on Saturday night. So, if you like a scavenger hunt with rum as the reward, stay on the lookout for a yellow van decorated with old-school tattoos. Happy hunting!

Mini Jimmy's

According to its tagline, it's "The World's Smallest Speakeasy." Located in the coat closet at the front of Jimmy's in Aspen, Mini Jimmy's is popping up again for the 2019 Food & Wine Classic as a partnership between the popular Aspen restaurant, New York's PDT (which you have to access through a phone booth). Mini Jimmy's will be operating Thursday through Saturday from 6 p.m. until midnight, but it only seats four people at a time, for 30 minute sessions with A-K Hada of PDT as the speakeasy's private bartender mixing up an array of William Grant & Sons cocktails. To make reservations, visit Jimmy's in Aspen and no Food & Wine pass is required. And please, remember to tip your bartender!

When thinking about scotch, images of old men sitting in a smoky room with a cigar in one hand and a glass of caramel-colored liquor with one ice cube in the other hand typically come to mind.

Enter Monkey Shoulder, a blended malt whisky that is out to break all the stereotypical rules of traditional scotch and those who drink it.

“With Monkey Shoulder, we endeavor to say, ‘Why not whisky how we want to whisky?’” said Vance Henderson, Monkey Shoulder’s national ambassador. “Why not use a great quality scotch whisky in high-quality cocktails and have fun while you do it?”

Why not, indeed.

In the company’s campaign to break the rules and “whisky how they want to whisky,” they are heading to the Food & Wine Classic this weekend (June 14-16) and bringing with them a party on wheels that is sure to turn heads.

The Monkey Mixer is a big orange truck, modeled after a cement mixer, but in place of the drum that mixes cement is a giant, silver cocktail shaker. Henderson said that some may say it is the “largest cocktail shaker in the world,” but he won’t officially weigh in on the debate.

The best part about The Monkey Mixer is that it is fully functioning, meaning you can actually be served a cocktail from the mixer.

Once people see that it works, “it’s like a whole new level of excitement and surprise,” Henderson said, “because they just were initially thrown by the idea of this giant, shiny truck. But then to see that it actually is beautiful and it functions, it’s like it just takes the cake.”

The cocktail shaker drum holds 2,400 gallons of liquid which, according to Henderson, is roughly 11,000 bottles, or 125,000 cocktails.

Closing out Day 2 of the Food & Wine Classic in a big way – spending some time at Wine at the Mine with Vance from MonkeyShoulder_MT and the Monkey Mixer, and maybe a surprise guest or two!

Posted by The Aspen Times on Saturday, June 15, 2019

During the daytime at Food & Wine, members of the public (no pass needed) who are 21 and older will be able to find The Monkey Mixer at designated stops around Aspen. (The stops had not been chosen as of press time, but honestly, it’s a giant orange mixing truck, so it’s probably not that hard to find.)

The mixer will be serving up its staple cocktail called the Mixed Up Monkey during the day. Essentially a mint collins, the Mixed Up Monkey is light and refreshing, sort of like a nice spiked sparkling mint lemonade, according to Henderson.

On Saturday evening, the Monkey Mixer will be parked at Smuggler Mine for the Wine at the Mine party, where it will be serving up a special cocktail called the Monkey Rosé, created exclusively for the popular late-night party.

Henderson is going to be pairing Monkey Shoulder whisky with rosé wine to create a unique, “boozy, delicious, light and refreshing” drink “that no one would’ve ever thought you could do.”

“The whole idea that we try to drive home is that Monkey Shoulder is made for mixing,” Henderson said. “It’s a very cheeky brand.

“So, when it came to the Monkey Mixer idea, it was like, ‘Well, what more outlandish way or thing could we drive home the idea that this whisky is made for mixing than creating a giant mixer truck?’”

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