Gear Junkie: A carbon fiber T-shirt? |

Gear Junkie: A carbon fiber T-shirt?

Stephen Regenold
The Gear Junkie

London-based Vollebak in the past has sold apparel embedded with high-tech materials like ceramic and graphene. Now, it releases a T-shirt laced with material “normally reserved for use in missiles, jet engines and the world’s fastest cars.”

The adventure apparel brand launched the Carbon Fibre T-Shirt this month. Yes, the material renowned for high-end mountain bikes and aerospace products now lives in a shirt you can wear to get coffee and donuts.

Why carbon fiber? Because, according to the brand: “The entire surface area of the T-shirt is abrasion-resistant. Every square centimeter has carbon fiber running through it. (And) whether you’re lugging climbing rope over your shoulder, you come off your bike on a downhill track, or your bag is shifting up and down on your back on a long run, that’s all abrasion.”

While the shirt is laced with carbon fiber, it’s primarily constructed of stretch synthetic fabric. Yet somehow, Vollebak manages to put a football field’s worth of carbon fiber into each shirt — nearly 400 feet of it.

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