From the Vault: Sweet Sixteen |

From the Vault: Sweet Sixteen

One b/w photograph of the Red Brick School (Pitkin County Public School), September 1954. There is snow on the ground.

“16 Aspen Seniors to attend colleges,” revealed The Aspen Times on May 28, 1959. “The excellence of Aspen schools is attested by the fact that 16 of 25 seniors who graduated from the high school this year have definite plans for going on to institutions of higher learning. One graduate is headed for the Armed Forces and eight others are not certain. ‘Thus far this year we have had fairly good success getting our graduates into recognized colleges of the choice of the student,’ said Ira B. Ralston, Superintendent of Aspen School District No. 1. To date, Aspen high school grads have been admitted to Stanford, Mills, Northwestern, Michigan, Rochester, Oberlin, Carleton and the various Colorado colleges and universities.” The photo above shows the Red Brick School in the 1950s; at the time of this article, all the grades attended classes in this building.

This photo and more can be found in the Aspen Historical Society archives at

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