From the Vault: Safety First |

From the Vault: Safety First

compiled by the Aspen Historical Society
One b/w photograph of the 1946-47 Aspen Ski Patrol. They are standing in front of the ski patrol sign, January 1, 1947. There is a pair of skis in the snow in front of the group. Left to right: Jim Conniff, William "Shady" Lane, Louie Sparovic, Alf Chesley, Bob Dennis, Fred Nyland, Leonard Woods, and Don Morgan.

“Ski Patrol organized for Aspen area,” announced The Aspen Times on Dec. 12, 1946. “Curt Chase, ex-University of New Hampshire Ski Team ace is in charge of Aspen’s Ski Patrol. Curt was an outstanding member of the Tenth Mountain Division, and has wide skiing and mountaineering experience. The function of the Ski Patrol is primarily to prevent accidents and promote safe skiing. Its members will do this by helping to keep the trails in good condition, by closing off danger areas, and by patrolling the mountain and advocating safe skiing practices. Should accidents occur, they will be fully qualified both from the point of view of knowledge as well as equipment for safe and proper care and evacuation of the injured person. To this end all of the Ski Patrol members as well as all of the instructors in the Ski School have been attending the first aid courses being given by Aspen’s distinguished physicians, Drs. Cochrane and Lewis. The Ski Patrol will be fully affiliated and accredited with the National Ski Patrol system with headquarters in New York. Curt will have the following able and experienced skiers working with him on the ski patrol: Pete Seibert, Frank Dolinsek, Josh Bradford, Joe McNealus, and several others yet to be chosen.” The photograph above shows members of the 1946-47 Aspen Ski Patrol. They are standing in front of the ski patrol sign; the photo was taken on Jan. 1, 1947.

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