From the Vault: Rock the Vote |

From the Vault: Rock the Vote

One mounted and sepia toned photograph of the town of Ashcroft from the east looking over the town - probably taken from Taylor Pass Toll Road. There is snow on the ground and on the roofs of the buildings. All of the buildings look well kept-up. 1881-

On April 29, 1882, The Aspen Weekly Times carried an article from the nearby town of Ashcroft, regarding a recent election. As the story noted, “Our first municipal election passed off very quiet, not a disturbance of any consequence marring the peace of our promising camp. As was predicted by the knowing ones, Lonergan walked off with the cake; yet his small majority is good proof that in Mr. Sowle he had met a worthy competitor. The latter gentleman’s friends never weakened, but were ready at any time during the day to let their money accompany their words. It was a tight race from start to finish. The largest vote cast was given to Peter Kearney and was a graceful compliment to one of the squarest men in Ashcroft. Mr. Culver’s name did not appear on either ticket, yet in the count it appeared that he received one vote for trustee. In justice to Mr. Culver, your correspondent will state that he did not vote for himself, all statements to the contrary. One fact I wish to call attention to, there was no attempt at illegal voting. Notwithstanding our present population is composed of so many newcomers, no one voted who had not registered and resided in the county for the time prescribed by law. Thus, while there are fully 1,500 people on the hills and in the town, and all within the limits of the corporation, the voting was confined strictly to old-timers. At the closing of the polls, the box contained 107 ballots.” The photograph above shows the town of Ashcroft, circa 1881.

This photo and more can be found in the Aspen Historical Society archives at

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