From the Vault: Potato Days |

From the Vault: Potato Days

from the Aspen Historical Society
One digital-only image of a potato field on the Arbaney ranch near Basalt, October 1954. Alex Arbaney. The man on the tractor is identified as Alex Arbaney. There are sacks of potatoes lined up on the left.

The potato harvest in the Roaring Fork Valley was a community effort, as evidenced by an article in The Aspen Times on Sept. 20, 1945. As the paper noted, “‘Spud Week’ will be the first week in October for Aspen High School students. During this time most students in high school and some in the grades go out and help ranchers in their potato harvest. It is hoped that all ranchers will attempt to get their spuds in during this time, and that all students will find a job and get out and help with the harvest. With the weekend before and after, there will be nine days available for the harvest without students missing school. Superintendent Snyder will be glad to assist students and ranchers in getting lined up to get the harvest of spuds taken care of.” The photograph above shows people harvesting potatoes at the Arbaney ranch near Basalt in the early 1950s. Sacks of potatoes can be seen on the left.

This photo and more can be found in the Aspen Historical Society archives at

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