From the Vault: Horsing around in Aspen |

From the Vault: Horsing around in Aspen

The image above shows a horse cart race, circa 1900; the horse track was located in the area that is currently the Aspen Meadows.
Bowman; John

“Unless the clerk of the weather decides otherwise there is no reason that the races today will not be the best that have ever been pulled off among local horses,” announced the Aspen Democrat on May 30, 1901. “Workmen have been engaged for the past month and with the assistance of the late rains the track is found to be in finer condition than ever before. The horses will find excellent footing and the knowing ones declare that the track as it stands today is the best west of Denver. Jim Slevin claims that his pet, Alarmist, is going to make things hum, while John McKenna, who will drive Stockman’s Dandy Boy, swears that the winning horse will have to make faster tracks than he did last fall. Mike Hayes promises that Russie Clay will not be tampered with this time, as he is going to drive her. All these three horses have speedy records and the half-mile heats between them ought to prove interesting. George Newman’s showy black horse and Jack Grant’s Athlete S will be among the starters in the gentlemen’s race. Several other roadsters will compete in this race. There will also be a boys’ pony race for which there are several entries. All contestants in the pony race must be under fourteen hands high. The last event will be the jack race, upon which no comments are necessary. The Aspen City band is in fine trim and the boys may be relied upon to do themselves proud during the intervals between the race.”

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