From the Vault: Halloween, Aspen-style |

From the Vault: Halloween, Aspen-style


“Ghoulish parties set for Halloween,” announced The Aspen Times on Oct. 25, 1979. “Back in the days when witches still roamed the country sides of Europe, Halloween was a dark holiday. It had its roots in ancient Druidic rites, with bonfires on the heaths of England. The bonfires were to ward off the bad winter spirits, and to prepare for All Saints Day, the day after Halloween. In Aspen, Halloween is something else. It is a celebration to rival Mardi Gras, and the streets teem with costumed bodies. In fact, nobody without a costume would dare to be seen. Halloween in Aspen promises to be the usual wild and crazy rite of passage into winter, with parties planned all over town. No roller skates please, say the management of most of Aspen’s nightspots.” The photograph above shows people enjoying Halloween in Aspen, 1979.

This photo and more can be found in the Aspen Historical Society archives at

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