From the Vault: Fisher’s Fix |

From the Vault: Fisher’s Fix

One b/w photograph of Freddie Fisher, electroplating aspen leaves in a gold solution which he sold at Alpine Jeweler. 1965 circa.

On Aug. 23, 1956, The Aspen Times described a mishap suffered by Freddie Fisher. Fisher would turn leaves into works of art sold at local retailers by electroplating them in a gold solution. As the paper reported, “Freddie Fisher, Aspen’s jazz-man, fix-it man and inventor, is presently recovering from an attack of gas poisoning. Monday morning, Aug. 13, Fisher was working in his Main Street shop when he was nearly overcome by fumes from his leaf plating machine. Built by Fisher, the machine swirls Aspen tree leaves and coats them in metal. Dangerous waste fumes from the gadget were apparently not being taken out of the building. Barely conscious, Fisher got outside the shop and called for help. Several people passed by without noticing him. Finally, he flagged down two people who called Doctor J.S. Baxter and Sheriff Lorain Herwick. Baxter and the sheriff took Fisher to Pitkin County Hospital where he was immediately given oxygen. He was released from the hospital Monday evening, and, though still feeling weak, was at work Wednesday, August 15.” The photo above shows Fisher working with his leaf-plating machine, circa 1960.

This photo and more can be found in the Aspen Historical Society archives at

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