From the Vault: Eclipsed |

From the Vault: Eclipsed

One postcard with a b/w photograph of Aspen from Aspen Mountain, taken from Tourtelotte Park.

“Did you see it?” questioned The Aspen Times on May 2, 1930. “Monday noon the moon passed between the Earth and the sun and you should have seen the rubbernecks gazing upward through pieces of smoked glass. For a time the sun’s light rays cast a brownish hue upon the Earth’s spot occupied by Aspen and the chickens started for their coops as the moon obscured nearly three-quarters of the sun. They say we won’t see another eclipse of the sun until 1974 — and some of us won’t see that.” The photograph above shows Aspen from Aspen Mountain (taken at Tourtelotte Park), circa 1930.

This photo and more can be found in the Aspen Historical Society archives at

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