From the Vault: Colorful Colorado

One b/w photograph of a 1936 Ford on the Castle Creek Road. The car was owned by Frances Kalmes.

“Jack Frost turns Aspen to Wonderland,” proclaimed The Aspen Times on Oct. 1, 1942. “This is no news to Aspen folks, but the editor of this great journal of optimism, was literally stricken spitless with awe and admiration at the beauties of nature as observed Sunday in Castle Creek canyon and up the Maroon, handiwork of one Jack Frost. On either side of these canyons, as well as along the Roaring Fork, the mountainside was carpeted with rich colors the like of which cannot possibly be equaled anywhere else on the Earth. Gorgeous reds, rich yellows, vivid greens, and soft toned browns, combined to cover the mountainsides with lush appliqued covers of more vivid coloring than any artist could possibly paint. We got out the old movie camera, loaded it with the last of our colored film and attempted to record. Providence willing, we shall be able to create these scenes of colorful grandeur for many years to come. But as the young upstart of the family observed: Nobody can paint it as good as your eyes!” The photograph above shows Ford automobile on Castle Creek Road, circa 1940.

This photo and more can be found in the Aspen Historical Society archives at

Aspen Times Weekly

WineInk: The 2023 vintage

“2023 predicted to be the Vintage of a Lifetime in Napa Valley,” proclaimed the headline this week in a press release sent out by the Napa Valley Vintners, the trade organization that represents the growers and producers in America’s most famed wine region. If there is anyone more optimistic than winemakers, it is the group that represents them.

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