From the Vault: Clean sweep |

From the Vault: Clean sweep

“Clean-up day is slated,” announced The Aspen Times on May 14, 1959. “Spring time in the Rockies should also be clean-up time in the Rockies it was decided this week by members of Aspen’s fraternal organizations, who have scheduled a community clean-up campaign for next Tuesday, May 19. In addition, Fire Chief Clyde Clymer announced that fire departments throughout the Western Slope are sponsoring a Clean Up week to help alleviate the fire hazards caused by accumulated trash and debris. To be sponsored jointly by the local Elks, Lions, Eagles and American Legion clubs, the community project will sweep through the town from 5 to 7 PM. Giving impetus to the effort will be teams from each of the four organizations, who will walk behind the trucks along the streets and parks picking up trash. They will be joined by school children and volunteers, but all residents and businessmen will be asked to cooperate by picking up their own properties and the streets and alleys adjoining them. The teams and volunteers with trucks, trailers and other equipment will stop to collect trash from anyone who has gathered any. Those participating in the undertaking will be served coffee and rolls by members of the sponsoring organizations in the basement of the Community Church after the campaign is over at 7 PM. In announcing the cooperative project officials of the four clubs urged each resident to ‘accept his responsibility to our community and to our visitors and help beautify our city.’” The photograph above shows a trash can outside of the Hotel Jerome in the 1950s.

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