From the Vault: Cheers to a New Year |

From the Vault: Cheers to a New Year

One b/w photograph and negative of Joan Trumbull, Fritz Kaeser, and Bob Dennis. They appear to be at a party, and are all wearing nice clothes and holding drinks. December 1947

On Jan. 4, 1951, The Aspen Times recounted a few of the New Year’s Eve parties around Aspen. The paper noted that “guests arrived in costume at Walter Paepcke’s party New Year’s Eve. Mr. Paepcke posed as a Chinese Communist, and his daughters, Nina Woods and Paula Pargellis, dressed as 1925 flappers. Toni Paepcke wore a tight fitting black lace costume. Mrs. Paul Nitze was the Red Queen from ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ Mrs. Paepcke was Queen of the Night complete with crown, Allen Pargellis was a convincing Indian dancer, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Benedict arrived dressed in Victorian costume — Fritz wore a daring green waistcoat, lace jabot, and mustache from a horse’s tail. At the Hotel Jerome, a few were in a ‘come as you wish you were’ costume at the New Year’s Eve dinner dancing party. The annual ‘Green Cup’ party was held at the Four Seasons last Saturday night. The passing of the Green Cup is mixed in with song singing and kissing your neighbor and everyone has a hilarious time.”

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