From the Vault: Aspen’s Vietnam protesters asked for Peace |

From the Vault: Aspen’s Vietnam protesters asked for Peace

The photograph above shows the group of prostesters in front of the Aspen house where McNamara was vacationing at in August of 1967.
Ted Ninman

“Friday evening over 80 anti-war demonstrators carrying Peace posters marched to the Aspen Meadows home where U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara was vacationing,” announced The Aspen Times on August 10, 1967. “McNamara spoke briefly to the group’s apparent leader, Aspen artist Tom Benton, and said he would be glad to discuss the Vietnam situation — but in Washington. Benton told The Aspen Times this week that when it was discovered last Thursday that McNamara was in town, a group of Aspenites held a meeting. He said, ‘We always have a meeting when he is in town but, until now, we did not demonstrate because we realized he was here on vacation. But sentiment against the war has become so strong that this time we decided to demonstrate.’ Benton, who is chairman of the County Planning and Zoning Commission, said they decided against slogan type posters. He silkscreened 80 posters with only the word Peace printed in red and a white dove flying on a black background.”

This photo and more can be found in the Aspen Historical Society archives at

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