Libations: Drink in the fun with a Game Changer at Home Team BBQ |

Libations: Drink in the fun with a Game Changer at Home Team BBQ

Home Team BBQ’s entrance into Aspen in 2016 was a game-changer for a lot of reasons.

While best known for their slowed cooked meats and southern-style barbecue, it’s root, root for the Home Team with their signature cocktail that got its name changed with a twist.

Up until a decade or so ago, the Game Changer used to be called the Painkiller at Home Team’s Charleston, South Carolina, store.

It was so popular that it became a destination drink there.

“It’s our No. 1 selling item,” said Sean Daniher, an operating partner with Home Team BBQ. “It has its own following.”

As the Painkillers were overflowing from the blender at Home Team in Charleston, an executive with Pusser’s Rum, which is the main ingredient in the drink, watched on.

Soon, a cease and desist order came, and Daniher took the renaming of the drink to Facebook. The winner of the “Game Changer” won a year’s worth of barbecue.

“That secured his position with the company,” laughed Brad Mosier, general manager of the Aspen location about Daniher’s game-winning move.

The drink is still a painkiller in many ways. With two ounces of rum (not Pusser’s), in every glass, all aches, pains and problems leave your body.

On top of the copious amounts of rum, the Game Changer has orange and pineapple juices, blended with coconut cream and ice. And just for fun, Home Team bartenders will put a rum or Grand Marnier floater on top and finish it off with freshly ground nutmeg.

“It’s great for brunch, you get your vitamin C and other juices … it’s great with wings, very refreshing,” Daniher said. “Coming off the mountain it can be a great nursing agent. Everyone loves them. Grandmas love them and newly-minted 21-year-olds love them; come to Home Team and get your game changed.”

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