Aspen History: Cops in Court

Aspen Historical Society
One 35mm negative of a group of men (hippies) playing instruments on the mall, while people watch. Several people in the image are shirtless, July 1974.
Ann Hodges

“Hippie harassment suit in court again,” stated The Aspen Times on May 8, 1969. “Aspen’s well-publicized 1968 hippie harassment suit against the City of Aspen and its police broke into the news again last week when U.S. District Judge Alfred Arraj denied a motion by the city to have the complaint dismissed. In March Judge Arraj decided to re-activate the case to clear his docket and asked both attorneys to take action or have the case dropped. Shortly after, in early April, another police incident involving a bearded visitor and two Aspen police officers in civilian dress resulted in another complaint to Judge Arraj. According to an affidavit filed with the court, a Cornell University graduate, who had long hair and a beard, was stopped for questioning.” The man was eventually taken into custody, detained for 45 minutes, and released with no explanation. This image shows a crowd of people watching a group of men play music in Aspen in the 1970s.

Aspen Times Weekly

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