Colson: Elizabeth Warren, bright light in a dark sky |

Colson: Elizabeth Warren, bright light in a dark sky

It’s time to start a more realistic conversation about the prospects for the 2016 presidential race, and it’s time to add a new name to the list of viable candidates. And her name is Warren, Elizabeth Warren.

As just about everybody knows, the looming Republican presidential-primary smack-down currently looks kind of like the old British Secret Service of James Bond fame — overly reliant on one man for all the heavy lifting and big assignments. And in this case that man has the name of Bush, Jeb Bush.

That’s Jeb, short for John Ellis Bush, which stands for dynasty. As in, there’s been a Bush on every winning Republican presidential ticket since 1980. If that’s not a dynasty, I don’t know what is.

And, of course, the Democrats have their own dynastic name at the top of their political heap, and her name is Clinton, Hillary Clinton, former U.S. secretary of state, former U.S. senator from New York, former first lady.

Oh, and former candidate for the presidency, a bid that she lost seven years ago to the first black man ever elected to the office, whose name you probably know pretty well, but just in case you don’t, it’s Obama, Barack Obama.

He’s the guy, in case you weren’t aware, whom too many religious-right or otherwise brain-dead nut-jobs refer to as the Antichrist, the “lying Muslim terrorist,” and any other bad name they can throw at him without resorting to the most basic racist descriptive term of them all, the “n” word, which is what they really want to use.

The current political situation in our country is, to put it mildly, pathetic.

As in, filled with pathos, which my 31-year-old Office Edition Webster’s dictionary defines as something that “arouses pity, sympathy or sorrow.”

And the plain fact is that I feel sorry for us, as in U.S., that we seem to lack the imagination, foresight and wisdom to come up with candidates that are not deeply in thrall to the corporate, attorney-driven, self-centered 1 percent whose only interest is in keeping themselves and their cohort right where they are, lording over the rest of us whose lives are increasingly desperate.

Back in 2008, the progressives and liberals among us swung heavily behind Obama, who came seemingly out of left field (in every sense of that phrase), appeared to be the savior of everything that is egalitarian and wholesome about the American experiment, and offered an alternative to yet another Clinton presidency.

Well, that didn’t work, did it? First Obama was blocked from achieving what he might have by a combination of Republican and racist demagoguery. Then, he turned out to be just another shill for the corporate elite in far too many ways.

But we can’t just give up, and U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), to my way of thinking, is the best and brightest star in the dark political firmament today.

Granted, she has said a hundred or so times that she doesn’t want the job of being president. But she didn’t want to run for the Senate post, either, which indicates she can be convinced of the need this country has for her brand of leadership.

Warren has proven to be an enemy of the corporations and financial wheeler-dealers that took us down the road to ruin in 2008 and engineered the worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression.

She is savvy and scrappy, as she has proved time and time again in battling against the interests of those determined to maintain the status quo, and for the interests of a general public clamoring for reform in both government and the economy.

She comes from the middle class, not the silver-spoon culture, she has argued for a more equal parceling out of the American Dream, and she has fought against the Wall Streeters who want to control every aspect of our nation’s economic life for their own profit.

And she appears to have put the fear of, well, Warren into a broad spectrum of people who don’t want to see her run for president.

Right-wingers and centrists are falling all over each other in a mad scramble to do anything, anything at all, to forestall a Warren presidential bid.

Hillary backers are cautioning everyone that a Warren candidacy would hand the presidency over to a Republican, which is a frightening prospect, I must admit.

But another plain fact is that Hillary has not yet declared her own candidacy, and that she is cynically teasing the electorate with calculated political precision that indicates that she, like many others, simply assumes the run is hers for the asking, and so is the Oval Office.

Republicans seem to have the same assumption as they move to anoint Jebby Bush (that’s what his wife calls him) with a similar aura of invincibility, in order to stave off potential primary challengers.

I, for one, consider such assumptions a mistake, one that has grave ramifications for our immediate future.

And I say, “Run, Warren, Run!”

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