Aspen History: Citizens Hospital, 1918 |

Aspen History: Citizens Hospital, 1918

Aspen Historical Society
One 4.5" x 6.5" b/w photograph on 7" x 9" matte board of the Citizens Hospital, circa 1915.

“Influenza takes toll on citizens of Aspen,” announced the Aspen Democrat-Times on Oct. 21, 1918. “Spanish influenza with its accompanying pneumonia is reaping a harvest in this city and county. There are eight cases of pneumonia and one case of influenza at the Citizens Hospital and a large number of very sick people at their homes in every section of the city. What makes the situation here more serious is that we have only two physicians (and one of them only a few days up from an attack of influenza) to look after the large number of cases, so that it is readily seen that all the patients cannot receive the medical attention they should. Since Saturday night there have been four more deaths. Per the order of the Health Board everybody, big and little, young and old, men and women, boys and girls, must keep off the streets and remain at home or in their places of business. If necessary to come up to town, come and attend to your business and then beat it home. Don’t congregate on the streets for any purpose whatsoever.” This image shows the Citizens Hospital in Aspen, where many people suffering from the Spanish influenza sought treatment.