Cheers, to a ‘captivating’ resort |

Cheers, to a ‘captivating’ resort

One b/w photograph of the bar at the Hotel Jerome. The photo shows the entire length of the bar, with two bartenders behind it. Part of a pool table can be seen through an open door on the right side of the photo. 1890-

A headline in the Aspen Evening Chronicle on Dec. 17, 1889, described the bar in the Hotel Jerome as “a captivating resort.” The article continued, “among the many places where gentlemen most do congregate none are more popular than the Hotel Jerome bar under the management of Mr. C.C. Freeman assisted by Mr. P.F. Smith. In catering to the enthusiastic patronage that nightly throngs the parlors Mr. Freeman has studied the market critically and has provided the cellars with none but the choicest and standard brands of wines, liquors and cigars. The billiard and pool parlors have been equipped with a complete set of the famous Brunswick-Balke tables and for an evening’s relaxation and invigorating diversion no place in the city offers superior advantages. Mr. Freeman is one of the most experienced caterers in the city and extends a cordial invitation to the public to join him in night cap, eye-opener or the fascinating appetizer.” The photo above shows the bar in the Hotel Jerome, circa 1890.

This photo and more can be found in the Aspen Historical Society archives at

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