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Legends & Legacies: Bundy escape exposes flaws

The Pitkin County Courthouse, circa 1970-.

“The Bundy manhunt: is a killer loose in Aspen?” questioned The Aspen Times on June 9, 1977. “The escape of Theodore Bundy from Pitkin County authorities was an incident often joked about — before it actually occurred. The escape itself and the subsequent, unsuccessful manhunt revealed serious deficiencies in the operations of local law enforcement agencies, and they have produced days filled with guns and nights filled with fear; uncommon events in carefree Aspen.”

Bundy escaped custody in Aspen by jumping out of a second-story window in the Pitkin County Courthouse. The image to the right shows the Courthouse in the 1970s.

This photo and more can be found in the Aspen Historical Society archives at aspenhistory.org.

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