Book review: ‘The Three Secret Cities’ |

Book review: ‘The Three Secret Cities’

The story in “The Three Secret Cities” by Matthew Reilly picks up from the previous novel, “The Four Legendary Kingdoms,” and though Jack West Jr. emerged victorious from the Great Games, he’s created chaos from that surprise victory.

West has exposed a secret world and the rulers aren’t happy. They have put a price on his head and ordered the disposal of his friends and family. The bounty goes to a group called the Golden Eight, known through history under other names including the Knights of the Round Table, and in over 2,000 years of existence, they have never failed on a mission. West has no chance.

The Games also led to a horrifying truth that could potentially end the world. The only way to stop this disaster involves finding three secret cities, three immortal weapons and solving a complex puzzle at each location. West and his team have less than a week to save humanity. Ruthless assassins are stalking them, the weapons and cities have been missing for centuries and the Earth is doomed.

The villains are relentless, and even the slightest mistake could jeopardize everything. How can West and his allies find cities and items from ancient history fast enough while dodging the killers that are chasing them?

Reilly has crafted a fantastic follow-up to “The Four Legendary Kingdoms.” The clever mix of history, mythology and geography makes this one of the best action-thrillers published in the past few years. For full enjoyment, read the previous book, but even picking up this one first will make a reader’s heart race. The ending also reveals the story isn’t over, and that’s a good thing. This novel is the perfect “beach read” for the upcoming winter months.

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