Aspen History: Big Sweet Pea Show |

Aspen History: Big Sweet Pea Show

Aspen Historical Society
One 4" x 5" b/w negative of a woman in a flower garden, next to some very tall sweet peas. She is identified as Mrs. D.R.C. Brown, Ruth McNutt Brown.

“The First Sweet Pea!” proclaimed a headline in the Aspen Democrat-Times on June 22, 1921. “Here we are with the first sweet pea on exhibition in our front window and the Sweet Pea Exhibition Committee awards the first prize to Mrs. H.I. Elrod, the lady who plucked the blossom this morning from her flower garden, 501 Mill Street. The committee, H.G. Koch, E.C. Groscurth and Julius Zupancis, has awarded Mrs. Elrod the first prize for producing the first sweet pea blossom and placing it on exhibition in the “Fair” window of the Democrat-Times. Now let’s keep things moving for the Big Sweet Pea Show to be held in Aspen late this summer.” This image shows a woman standing next to blooming sweet peas, 1908.