Libations: Backyard Barbeque Michelada |

Libations: Backyard Barbeque Michelada

by Jeanne McGovern

One of my favorite summertime sips is an ice-cold Michelada. In its simplest form (which can be purchased in a can), a Michelada is a light beer with spicy tomato juice — a sort of glorified Red Eye. But taken to the next level, a Michelada is beer at its thirst-quenching best. Home Team BBQ serves up one of the best ones in town — Coors, their own special juice and a salty/smoky ringed-glass. Recently, a friend whipped up a batch of Backyard Barbeque Micheladas that didn’t disappoint. Completely original in flavor — she said it was created by New York mixologist Jim Meehan — it was the perfect partner to an evening on the patio. What also struck me was how easy it would be to try new concoctions in search of the perfect Michelada, and, thankfully, there’s plenty of summer left to do just that.

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